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Mega Playground Shade Sails
Basketball Court Shade or Safe Outdoor Classroom

We Create Stylish and Affordable Outdoor Sun Shade Solutions

Industrial Shadeports is THE original USA Manufacturer and Installer of Shadeport® Sun Shade Structures.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Miami, but serving the World!

 NEW for 2021  We are proud to introduce 'NO EQUAL DESIGN.' Our new line of unique shade sculptures that combine form and function to make your venue really stand out. These sculptures come in standard sizes with prefabricated modules, making them easy to ship and install.

Let us create beautiful shade for YOUR outdoor space.


  • Parks • Playgrounds 
  • Basketball • Tennis Courts
  • Pools • Water Parks
  • Sports Fields •  Bleachers
  • Picnic • Beach Umbrellas
  • Ranches • Farms • Zoos
  • High End Residential


  • Car Wash • Auto Related Biz
  • Resorts • Hotels • HOA Pools
  • Animal Shelters • Dog Parks
  • Civic Buildings • Libraries
  • Public Concert Venues
  • Hospitals • Museums
  • Military Bases • Airports
Stylish Sails over Picnic area
Pool Deck Shade

Industrial Shadeports has been creating stylish and functional Shadeports® since first introducing the concept to the U.S. market in 1993. Each sun shade structure and shade sail we manufacture is designed to be architecturally pleasing while offering maximum sun protection. Our Shadeports™ are the perfect balance of specialty shade cloth integrated with a minimalist steel support structure. We keep costs down by implementing tensile membrane architectural principles. Designs minimize the use of steel and incorporate fabric edge steel cables to complete the structure.

Located in South Florida, we fully understand the need for a sun shade structure that provides reliable sun protection, especially in the warmer months.  The specialty fabric used in shadeports offers significant sun protection by blocking up to 97.7% of UV rays. In addition, the knitted cloth has tiny holes which allows air to flow through, creating a convection breeze underneath and dropping the temperature some 10 to 20° below it.

Our shadeports and shade sails use minimal welding and bolting. They require no maintenance, last for many years and the cover is designed to be easily removable for storm preparation or to put down in the winter months. They are also designed to meet or exceed our strict local South Florida building codes. Most designs can be installed by two to three persons with basic construction knowledge.

Let us create a beautiful sun shade structure, shade sail, awning, shade sculpture or replacement cover for your school, park, playground, car wash, or other outdoor venue. The light frame of our shade structures allows for all manner of design. With a myriad of color and design options; the possibilities are virtually endless. We can combine the perfect frame and fabric to easily match your brand’s identity and liven up your venue.

We use quality materials and work with knowledgable and experienced professionals to create an outstanding product for our customers. Our focus is on consistently delivering the quality and reliability our customers have come to expect from us. We also strive to offer creative solutions that offer an affordable, functional and attractive sun shade structure, shade sail, awning or tension membrane structure for our customers to enjoy for many years to come!